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Japanese Cowhide Rug

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  • Japanese Cowhide Rug
  • Japanese Cowhide Rug
  • Japanese Cowhide Rug
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Japanese Cowhide Rug

Our Japanese cowhide rug has the body of the future and the face of nature. This is a rug that truly captures the imagination with a hexagon pattern colorfully stitched together. We start with a selection of the best cowhides from the Pampas Grasslands of Brazil. Then each rug is individually hand crafted with 14” hexagons, assembled with a high resistant cotton ribbon, then finished with a perfect zig-zag stitching pattern. Our rugs are never glued to any backing material; the reverse side is the natural soft suede that adheres perfectly to your floor, so there is no need for any rug pad underneath. Due to the quality and natural characteristics of Pure cowhides, our Patchwork rugs are naturally stain repellent and extremely durable.

5 x 6 / $1650
7 x 8 / $3080
9 x 10 / $4950
"Sustainable cowhide treated in environmentally conscious tanneries in Southern Brazil."

•  Availability: Made to Order. Ships within 4 to 8 weeks

Custom sizes and colors are available in this pattern. 310.204.3848, or click the button below to request support for creating your custom patchwork rug.


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Japanese Cowhide Rug